Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Trading Week: April 2nd

Wed 2nd April 12.06 pm)
E/J:this TS signal is now up 150 pips:

Gold: this TS signal is in the black BUT is not very convincing just yet:

Kiwi: A new TS short signal has been triggered here. I'd wait for a close below the 4 hr trend line though:

AUD/NZD: this is very close to triggering a new TS signal...but not yet:

A/U: this is trading lower but has not triggered any new TS signal:

Cable: ditto here:

U/J: trading higher:

Wed 2nd April (7.30 am)
Positive US manufacturing data boosted risk appetite with stocks and the S&P500 has made a bullish triangle breakout!

S&P500 Ichimoku: traders need to watch for any new bullish cross here: 

Indices: The USDX is still chopping sideways for now:

EURX: ticking higher: 

TS Signals:
E/J: This TS signal is up 120 pips now. I had suggested the 143 might be the next stop and that is where price is currently sitting. I'm on the lookout now for any bullish triangle breakout here. Note how the 143 level is right near the triangle bear trend line. This may end up proving to bee too strong a resistance level but we shall see:

E/J 4hr:

E/J daily:

Gold: this signal hasn't moved too far but at least it is moving the right way!

A/U: this TS signal failed after RBA chatter and closed for -50:

Other FX:

U/J: the earlier TS signal was not deemed valid as price closed outside the Bollinger band. Pity that, as the signal would have now yielded 80 pips! The triangle breakout has continued to hold here though.

U/J 4hr:

U/J daily:

GBP/JPY: As for the U/J, the earlier TS signal was not deemed valid as price closed outside the Bollinger band. Pity that too, as this signal would have yielded 120 pips! A possible bullish 'inverse H&S' pattern is building here still on the daily chart and is well worth watching!

G/J 4 hr:
G/J daily:

E/U: consolidating:

A/J: ditto

Cable: I believe this is consolidating too before possibly taking on the major hurdle of the monthly 200 EMA again: 

Kiwi: not moving too far after the major monthly chart triangle breakout: 

EUR/AUD: choppy:

GBP/AUD: also choppy: 

AUD/NZD: keep an eye on the 1.075 level. A break and hold back above this S/R level would be bullish. I am very close to getting a new TS long signal here: 

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