Friday, April 25, 2014

Trading Week: 25th April: pm update.

Fri 25th April (7.40 pm)
Two new TS signals are trying to form up but this will probably take the 11 pm candle to confirm. The Ukraine situation is weighing heavily here though.

E/U: there has been a 4 hr 'wedge' break out AND a move back above the 61.8% fib level. I need the 11 pm candle to confirm this new TS signal though. Price is trying to pop up through the 4hr Cloud and is above the daily Cloud so, any signal that forms, should be valid:

Cable: GBP Retail sales data was positive and the Cable is drifting higher above the 1.68 level. A new TS signal is trying to form but I also need the 11 pm candle to confirm this. Price is above the 4hr and daily Cloud so the signal, if it forms, would be valid:

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