Friday, April 4, 2014


Sat 5th April (7 am)
Open TS Signals
AUD/NZD: hasn't moved far:
Kiwi: has closed off overnight:
EUR/AUD: kicked on to spike 140 pips!

A/U: triggered off my midnight candle and gave a triangle break:
GBP/AUD: triggered off my 8 pm candle. Also spiked to give 140

Fri 4th April (6.30 pm) Update
GBP/AUD: a new TS signal is trying to build here too but, like with the EUR/AUD, I'd want to see a trend line break first.

NB: I am wary with NFP though and will most likely wait until next week. I made my 100 pips this week and don't want to lose them!

Fri 4th April (5 pm) Update
EUR/AUD: my 4 pm candle gave a new TS signal BUT I'm waiting to see any trend line break here:

Fri 4th April (3.30 pm)
The EUR/AUD and GBP/AUD have been quiet this week but that is hardly surprising given their stellar performances from the previous week. Is this 'quiet' just a pause, though, and for allowing some 'Bear Flag' action to build? I'm keeping an eye on these two and have drawn flag trend lines in on their 4 hr charts. I'm watching for any new TS signals and these 4 hr chart 'Flag' Trend lines'. Both of them look to have some unfinished business on their daily charts: The GBP/AUD still looks part way through a bearish H&S breakdown and the EUR/AUD looks like it hasn't quite completed its triangle breakdown.

G/A 4 hr:

G/A daily:

E/A 4hr:

E/A daily:

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