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Tue 29th April:
VOC: this was a chart that I had tracked for a triangle breakout at the end of 2012. This was the chart as it appeared back then:

VOC: a classic breakout and up pattern:

VOC: this is the chart as it appears today after having made a 150% gain:

XSO: as previously mentioned I'm watching this index for any breakout:

WDC: Westfields looks set to make another move higher:

WES: A break of the $35 would be quite bullish:

WPL: has made the triangle break that I have been stalking BUT has now also made a bullish close above the $40 resistance:

AMP: I'm watching for a test of the $5 support to see if this holds and then will buy stock based on the triangle breakout:

NUF: I'm watching this for any weekly breakout:

EGP: this one too:

SIR: ditto here too:

JIN:  this was brought to my attention at a trading meeting last night. I've added it to my watch list but for different reasons:

Fri 4th April 2014:
The two main Aussie stock indices, the XJO and XAO, have been choppy as they navigate the significant 61.8% fib of the 2007-2009 bear move. Both continue to try and grind higher and are pushing up against potential breakout levels.

XAO: All Ordinaries: This index is trading just under the 5,480 level and this is the level to watch. Any break and hold above this level would suggest the 78.6% up near 6,000 will be the next stop:

XJO: ASX 200 : This index is trading just under the 5,460 level and this is the level to watch. Any break and hold above this level would suggest the 78.6% up near 6,000 will be the next stop:

Fri 7th March 2014:
The Aussie markets have made their highest weekly close since mid 2008!

XAO: All Ordinaries: the 78.6% fib up near the 6,000 level might be the next target if there is to be bullish continuation here:

XJO: ASX 200 the 78.6% fib up near the 6,000 level might be the next target if there is to be bullish continuation here:

The following stocks are worth watching:

AMP: watch for any triangle break:

BHP: has made the triangle break but watch the $40 level: 

BXB: watch for any close above the $10 as this would be a bullish break:

FMG: watch the $6 level:

LEI: has now mad the triangle break and looks bullish:

NCM: watch for any break out of the trading channel: 

TOL: watch for any triangle break: 

WDC: watch for any possible 'Bull Flag' type breakout: 

WOW: has made another bullish close above the $36 level: 

Wed 5th March 2014:
The Aussie Stock Market is currently testing a key resistance level. This latest S/R level is the 61.8% fib pullback region of the 2007-2009 bear move. The daily charts of both the XAO (All Ordinaries) and the XJO (ASX top 200) show this 61.8% fib region has been tested a few times recently; last November, towards the end of February and again now into March. Will it be a matter of third time lucky? Any bullish breakout from here with bullish continuation would suggest that the 78.6% fib level, near the 6,000 region, might be the next major target on both indices.

XAO: All Ordinaries:

XAO monthly

XAO daily

XJO: ASX 200:
XJO monthly 

XJO daily

Wed 19th Feb 2014:
Some Aussie stocks are close to breakouts on their weekly charts. These will need to be monitored on Friday after market close to see if the triangle breakouts evolve:

BHP weekly:

RIO weekly:

STO weekly: not as close but may be building towards a triangle break:

LEI: something will have to happen here soon...surely!

WOW: the $36 seems important here:

ANZ: the $32 seems important here:

SEK: this has continued from its earlier triangle break. Just goes to show they're worth monitoring!

FMG: I wouldn't trade it but it is shaping up for a possible breakout:

Tue 3rd Dec 2013
There is the look of a bearish H&S pattern setting up on two Aussie bank stocks: WBC and NAB. Keep an eye on the neck line of these over the coming days for any bearish break, close and hold below:

WOW:  watch for any break and hold below the support trend line.

Tues 22nd Oct 2013
Some stocks that are worth noting:

BXB: Brambles has made its first close above $9.50 since 2008!

ANZ: has closed above the $32 key S/R level:

RIO: watching this triangle

QBE: I'm watching for any close above $15:

TSE: I was going to wait for a close above $1.40 but...not now. I'm going to buy today when market opens. 

Wednesday 16th October:
Time is standing still a bit whilst the world waits to see if or when the US can resolve debt issues before a default deadline. I have spent some of this slow time today, therefore, reviewing some of the more popular or better known Aussie stocks and charting those that look to have some bullish potential if, indeed, risk appetite continues.

ANZ: looking for a possible triple top or break of $32:

BXB: holding at the 50% fib level. Watching for a break and close above the $9.50:

COH: watching the bottom trend line:

IAG: $6 seems key here:

MQG: A hold above the $50 would seem bullish:

NAB: $35 seem key here

QBE: watching for any bullish follow through:

RIO: this is probably the most enticing chart pattern here. Is a triangle break looming?

SEK: a break of $12 might be significant:

STO: there might be a move brewing here from $15 to $20:

SUN: watching for bullish continuation:

TLS: The $5 is still key here:

TSE: a break and hold above the $1.40 would be important here:

WOW: is this a triple top or is $36 setting up to be a new floor:

WPL: has just had a triangle break but looking for a close and hold above the $40:

Wednesday 25th September:
Aussie stocks are still holding above their key support.
XJO: S&P/ASX 200
XAO: All Ordinaries

Some stocks have caught my eye again here:
ANZ: is trying to break above a major high of $32: 

BXB: Brambles: rallied after a recent triangle break BUT notice on the monthly chart how price paused at the 50% fib level. It's having another go though now: 

LEI: Leighton Holdings: a triangle break might be building here:

WPL: Woodside Petroleum: this has had a triangle break but $40 seems key resistance. Look for a close above this level:

NAB: has made a triangle break but note how the 61.8% fib held this break out. Price is testing this again though now:

RIO: Rio Tinto:  a monthly triangle break looks to be trying to build here. Watch for trend line breaks:

Sunday 15th September:
The major Aussie indices have held above the key S/R level of 5,200 for this week:

XJO: ASX 200
XAO: All Ordinaries

The XSO is comprised of companies included in the S&P/ASX 300 index, but not in the S&P/ASX 100 index. This index provides a benchmark for small-cap investments. It still shows a potential bullish 'inverse Head & Shoulder' pattern setting up on the daily chart:

Monday 2nd September:
The monthly candles closed as small but bullish candles on both the All Ordinaries, XAO, and the ASX/200, XJO. Both indices are still creeping up and testing the previous resistance level of 5,200:

XAO: All Ordinaries

XJO: ASX 200 

The XSO is comprised of companies included in the S&P/ASX 300 index, but not in the S&P/ASX 100 index. This index provides a benchmark for small-cap investments. It shows a potential bullish 'inverse Head & Shoulder' pattern on the daily chart:

Wednesday 7th Aug:
I have reviewed the two main Aussie stock indices and updated trend and support lines. Both indices seem to be trading in a bullish ascending triangle pattern. These are often bullish continuation patterns. Both have struggled at the 5,200 level before and I would expect a similar struggle to occur again before any possible continued move upwards.

XJO: ASX 200

XAO: All Ordinaries

Tuesday 28th March:
Aussie stocks have hit some resistance but the two key indices are still trading above their weekly support trend lines. Both indices hit the 5,200 S/R level and have since pulled back:

XAO: All Ordinaries

Many stocks have pulled back also but most, whilst looking a bit bearish, are still supported by weekly trend lines as well. Some of the top Aussie stocks are noted below:

AMP: holding up:

CBA: still above support

NAB: still above support 

ANZ: also above support

MQG: ditto

WBC: also holding up

IAG: this has dipped below the support trend line so needs watching:




SEK: dipped, but did not close, below support:



Monday 4th March 2013:
I have had great success with charting breakout patterns on Aussie stocks as well. These breakout patterns have delivered huge gains in these stocks. Many of these are our 'blue chip' type stocks and we hold them in our SMSF. I had suggested last September that our stocks might be in for a triangle breakout. Check out the change from then to now!

XAO back last year when I posted (the Aussie All Ords):

XAO current:

Some of those I have been charting and posting about are updated below:

CBA weekly
CBA daily
MQG weekly
MQG daily
SEK weekly
SEK daily

There are a few new Aussie stocks that look to building up for potential new breakouts:

WOR weekly
WOR daily
ALL weekly
ALL daily
AMP daily
AMP weekly
 AWE daily
AWE weekly

QBE weekly
QBE daily
SGP weekly
SGP daily
TSE weekly
TSE daily

The Australian Stock market seems to be under valued when compared to the US Stock market. US stocks have retraced more than 80% off their 2009 lows whereas Aussie Stocks have retraced less than 38.2%:

The Aussie market looks like it MIGHT be poised for a breakout and some stocks are starting to look that way as well. I will note any interesting charts, as I see them, on this page.

Saturday 13/10 12
I've updated the charts of the stocks looked at before on the 17/9. Some new ones are in there too.
BHP: has broken out but hasn't done too much.

MQG: has moved on

 NAB: has also broken out and now up

NCM: maybe building up still?

RIO: looking interesting still
 WES: hasn't done too much

QBE: breakout looming?

TSE: maybe a bought Put opportunity!

VOC: a classic breakout and up pattern

WOW: drifting up

CBA: worth watching for a potential breakout and up?

TLS daily: looking bullish?

TLS weekly: a close and hold above $4 would be quite bullish.

Monday 17/9/12
BHP: has had a triangle break out and close above the daily 200 EMA:

MQG : has also had a triangle break out and close above the daily 200 EMA but moved a bit further:

NAB : looks to be on the verge of a triangle breakout too:

NCM: looks to be on the verge of a trend channel breakout: 

 RIO: a bullish falling wedge?

WES: seems to have had a triangle breakout already:

QBE : just watching this one:

TSE: watching this too to see if it turns bullish. It's getting close to the triangle apex:

VOC: watching this one too:

WOW :  seems to have had a triangle breakout already:

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