Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Trading Week: April 2nd: PM update

Wed 2nd April (8.15 pm)
Indices: the USDX is still 'planking' and might stay this way until NFP!

EURX:  has slowed for now:

TS Signals: 
E/J:this is still going but I'm not surprised to see the key 143 region being tested a bit:

Kiwi: I've moved my stop to b/e here:

Gold: this TS signal looks to have closed off now but for a minor gain of about 25 cents!

New TS signal:
AUD/NZD: I had noted this morning how a new TS signal was trying to build here and, also, for traders to watch out for the 1.075 level. Well, a new TS signal was received of my 4 pm candle and price has just had a 4 hr candle close above this key level. I am interstate and so I missed this at 4 pm BUT, I suspect that price could test this key level so, I have placed an order in to long from 1.075:


GBP/JPY: this has now closed above the 'neck line' and monthly 200 EMA on the 4hr chart BUT I am waiting to see if there is a close above these levels after the daily candle close:

A/U: holding above the daily 200 EMA for the time being:

Cable: holding up pretty well given some weaker than expected PMI data:

U/J: this is still going for now. I would not be at all surprised to this re-test the monthly 200 EMA though, even if just with a spike candle!

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