Monday, March 31, 2014

Trading Week April week 1

Mon 31st March (8.15 pm) Sydney!
E/U: Just the E/J TS signal validated for now (see 8 pm post and this is now up 40 pips since then) BUT the E/U looks to be making for a bullish break up and out of the bullish descending wedge AND a TS signal is trying to build:

Mon 31st March (8 pm) Sydney!
E/J: I have a new TS signal to long here off my 8pm candle:

U/J and G/J:  both of these gave signals off my 4 am candle last Saturday am BUT were outside the Bollinger bands so the signals were not valid (noted with arrows). Both are moving a bit now, the U/J more than the G/J though:

U/J: trying for a bullish triangle break too:


Mon 31st March (7.30 pm) Sydney!

E/J: setting up to trigger a new TS signal BUT price is outside the Bollinger band:

U/J: is on the march. The arrow denotes the TS signal I received last week BUT price here was outside the Bollinger band too:

Mon 31st March (5.30 pm) Sydney!

There hasn't been too much movement just yet. Tuesday looms large though with keenly awaited Chinese manufacturing PMI data, a Yellen speech and AUD interest rates to name just a few. Thus, the last trading day of the month might be relatively quiet:

USDX: still triangle bound:

EURX: still above the support of the monthly 200 EMA and support trend line: 

Gold: this short signal has closed off now:

U/J: this is loitering just under a triangle trend line and looks a bit me at least. It is holding above the monthly 200 EMA which is no mean feat! 

U/J 4hr:

U/J daily:

E/U: still looking like a bullish descending wedge to me: 

Cable: not backing down to far: 

Aussie: clearly waiting to see what the RBA says tomorrow, along with interest rate news, and for the all important Chinese manufacturing PMI: 

Kiwi: holding just above the major trend line break and probably also waiting for Chinese data: 

Stocks: I updated my watch-list of US stocks whilst waiting at the airport this afternoon. Some are setting up with bullish patterns as we head into April. I'm keen to see if these hold. See through link here.

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