Friday, March 28, 2014

Tr Week: 24/03/14: 2 x TS FX signals = 610 pips!

Sat 29th March (5.45 am)

Indices: Weirdly, both indices seem to have traded higher during the US session. The USDX is testing the triangle and the EURX bounced up off its major triangle support trend line:

S&P500: that bullish reversal 'hammer' style candle, noted yesterday, was correct in pointing to a possible bounce!

EUR/AUD: this TS signal has closed off now after giving 410 pips:

Gold: This TS signal is still open and has yielded $36 to date BUT price has bounced off the 50% fib of the recent bull move and may stall here:

U/J: making up for lost time! This has rallied during the US session and has closed above the monthly 200 EMA. This may be one to watch next week for a triangle break!

GBP/JPY: this daily chart just got a whole lot more interesting!

Fri 28th March (3.45 pm) Tamworth!
GBP/AUD: The 12 noon candle was not 100% clear for any new TS signal so that, and given there is GBP data due out later tonight and it is the end of the week, would make me more cautious anyway:

USDX: a bit of a heads up here. The USDX daily chart has a bit of a bullish 'inverse H&S' look to it. And note where the neck line is! The all important weekly 200 EMA! 

Fri 28th March (11.30 am)
EUR/AUD: the gift that keeps giving! Now up 410 pips:

GBP/AUD: a new TS signal might form up here on my 12 noon candle. I'm about to board a flight though so will probably miss this candle update: 

A/U inverse H&S: this bullish trade is still going and the projected target is the 0.94 region which is near the bottom of the weekly Ichimoku Cloud. This isn't too far off now:

Fri 28th March (9.50 am)
GBP/AUD: on closer AND magnified inspection, this TS signal has now closed off. Maximum gain of 250 pips:

S&P500: my charting software has updated now and the daily S&P500 chart is posted below. Yes, it has closed lower for the last two days BUT it is still trading within the triangle pattern and Thursday's candle, whilst bearish coloured, does have some bullish-reversal 'hammer' look to it!

Fri 28th March (8.40 am)
S&P500 Update: A new bearish Tenkan/Kijun cross has evolved on the S&P500 Ichimoku chart BUT this is deemed a 'weak' signal as it evolved above bullish cloud. Also, the Tenkan and Kijun lines are angled the wrong way for bearish sentiment. The main point here though is to watch out for any subsequent bullish Tenkan /Kijun cross. Any new bullish cross would be deemed a 'strong' signal as it would most likely evolve above the bullish cloud. The most recent bullish cross yielded a long running bullish trend for this index and, thus, this signal is worth watching out for:

Fri 28th March (7.20 am)
The EUR/AUD and GBD/AUD TS signals have now yielded 610 pips and are still going! The Gold TS signal has yielded $34. The A/U 'inverse H&S' pattern has now also given a 200 pip move. The AUD/NZD 'double bottom' has pulled back BUT it is still positive for the week. 

There isn't too much data left for this week, only GBP Current Account, so, unless there is renewed Ukraine news and tension,  I wouldn't be expecting too many more moves this week. Sometimes no news is good news though! There is a LOT of data out next week and it is also end of month on Monday so, I wouldn't be surprised if the broader markets take it a bit easy until then.

NB: I am away this w/e but will aim to update as usual. 

Indices: the USDX is still trading within the triangle pattern but the EURX has weakened and has moved down to trade very close to the monthly chart support trend line:

S&P500: choppy during the last US session: 

The index has fallen below recent support BUT is still triangle bound too: 

Open TS signals:

EUR/AUD: this has yielded 360 pips so far. The daily shows how  my target of the daily 200 EMA and 61.8% fib may still be achieved here:

GBP/AUD: this hasn't moved too far during the last 24 hrs and the tally is still at 250 pips. The target of the weekly 200 EMA might be a fair way off still but the daily 200 EMA might replace this:

Gold:  this has now yielded $34 and the 61.8% fib down near the $1,260 might be a target here:


A/U 'Inverse H&S': this move from the 0.905 neck line has now yielded 200 pips: 

A/U 4 hr: price struggled a bit at the daily 200 EMA but that seems to be out of the way now:
A/U daily:

AUD/NZD 'Double Bottom': the double bottom is still valid but this pair pulled back following NZD strength:
A/N 4hr:

A/N daily: I thought we might have been heading for a 'triple bottom' BUT....maybe not: 

E/U: looks weak but no TS signal and the Ichimoku charts don't support a short just yet either AND a daily support trend line is still valid:

E/U 4 hr:

E/U daily:

E/J: also looks weak and testing support but no new TS signals and the Ichimoku charts do not support a short yet either. Seems to be a bit of a 'watch this space' though: 

E/J 4 hr:

E/J daily:

A/J: wedge breakout keeps 'doing its thing' here: 

Cable: channel breakout evolved and pips could have been made from this BUT no new TS signal here either. I am keeping my eye on that major S/R level of the monthly 200 EMA though!

Kiwi: this had a major move yesterday after the spectacular Trade Balance data released during yesterdays morning Asian session.  The Kiwi has broken up through a major trend line but now has 'double top' issues ahead of it at the 0.88 region, as seen from the monthly chart:

Kiwi 4hr:

Kiwi monthly:

U/J: continues to chop around under the monthly 200 EMA and is still triangle bound, as the daily chart shows:
U/J 4 hr:

U/J daily:

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