Friday, March 21, 2014

Trading Week 17/03/14

Sat 22nd March (6.30 am)
S&P500: now isn't this interesting! Yet to close but.....the triangle is containing price.

Fri 21st March (6.15 pm)
AUD strength? There seems to be a bit of AUD strength creeping into the markets but I don't know why. This is helping many of the technical patterns that I have been tracking on a number of pairs though so I won't complain:

A/U: it is helping price to hold above the neck line of my bullish 'inverse H&S':

A/J: a bullish broadening descending wedge break may be looming:

EUR/AUD: triangle breakdown and TS signal supported for now: 

AUD/NZD: bullish 'double bottom' supported too: 

GBP/AUD: bearish H&S also supported for time being: 

Fri 21st March (5.55 pm)
AUD/NZD: this pair is trying to form up a new signal on the 4hr chart. This would lend support to the bullish 'double bottom' that looks to be trying to carve its way out on the daily chart:
A/N 4 hr:

A/N daily:

Fri 21st March (4.30 pm)
EUR/AUD: I received a new signal to short here off my 4 pm candle. Price is below the Ichimoku Cloud on the 4hr and daily so the signal is valid. Price has also made a triangle break for added confluence:

The daily chart suggests to me that the 1.47 area could be a target:

Fri 21st March (10.30 am)
S&P500: still triangle bound:

Fri 21st March (6.50 am)
S&P500 stocks enjoyed more 'risk on' overnight compared to most FX pairs. The USD traded higher which dampened moves with most risk appetite currency pairs but stocks will close much higher for the day.

USDX: this traded back up to the weekly 200 EMA but this resistance level kept price in check:
USDX daily:
USDX weekly:

EURX: moved a bit lower but is still above the support trend line and the monthly 200 EMA:
EURX 4 hr: 

EURX daily:

S&P500: some stronger than expected manufacturing data seems to have caused this turn around: 
S&P500 30 min:

S&P500 daily: still triangle bound but I'll post my other trading chart of this index when my platform updates: 

Gold and Silver: both of these have suffered with the stronger USD:
Silver: has broken through the $21.50 support:

Gold: is struggling to hold above the daily 200 EMA; a previously strong level of S/R. 

Forex: I still don't have any new momentum signals but, as mentioned last night, the number of triangle patterns that are around lends support to the fact that there is a fair bit of indecision at the moment.

E/U: gave a 61.8% fib pull back to the 4 hr 200 EMA and is now loitering there: 

E/J: triangle bound: 

A/U: the 0.905 was too much resistance here: 

Cable: has broken support BUT no new trend signals: 

Kiwi: this is struggling to regain any bullish momentum after breaking through support:

EUR/AUD: triangle bound as well: 

U/J: that monthly 200 EMA is back giving this pair some grief: 

AUD/NZD: might be still carving out a 'double bottom': 

GBP/AUD: I'm still keeping an eye on this pair too: 

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