Thursday, March 27, 2014

Trading Week 24/03/14: TS now up 530 pips!

Thurs 27th March (8 pm)
Indices: the USDX is still triangle bound but the EURX looks a bit weak:

TS Signals:

EUR/AUD: now up over 310 pips:

GBP/AUD: still at 250 max:

Gold: has moved on to yield $32:

Kiwi: this has given a triangle breakout: 

AUD/NZD: has pulled back sharply with the NZD strength:

A/U: this move has stalled at the daily 200 EMA:

Cable: this hasn't moved too far just yet: 

Thurs 27th March (3.45 pm)
Revised trend lines:


Cable: no TS signal BUT attempting a trading channel breakout:

Kiwi: positive Trade Balance data has helped to lift this pair BUT there is a a mjor trend line above price: 

Thurs 27th March (2.45 pm)
S&P500: This index is still trading within the symmetrical triangle for the time being. This chart is taken my ProfitSource charting software which I find to be more accurate. I have relaxed the upper trend line a bit to capture one more of the wicks

Thurs 27th March (7.15 am)
Well, after weeks of choppy markets and only a few TS signals this week is certainly making up for it. Two TS signals have yielded 530 pips and the Gold TS signal is now up $27. Other technical patterns, that have been stalked here on this blog for some time, are also yielding pips; the bullish 'inverse H&S' on the Aussie has given 180 pips and the bullish 'double bottom' on the AUD/NZD is up almost 90 pips for the week. 

NB: There is renewed tension with the Ukraine situation and these fundamental events always have the potential to trump any developing technical patterns so this needs to be monitored and risk and stops adjusted accordingly.

Indices: The USDX remains choppy under the weekly 200 EMA and appears to be trading within a triangle pattern:



S&P500: traded lower on renewed Ukraine concern: 

A triangle break may evolve here:

TS Open Signals: these are still open for now but geo-political matters may impact trading momentum and this needs to be monitored. 

EUR/AUD: this has now given 280 pips but has stalled at the 50% fib of the recent bull move:
E/A 4hr:
E/A daily:

GBP/AUD:  this has yielded 250 pips:

G/A 4 hr:

G/A daily:

Gold: this signal has given $27 but renewed Ukraine concern may reverse this trend: 

A/U: as mentioned above, this bullish technical pattern has now delivered up to 180 pips from the break up from the 0.905 'neck line':

A/U 4 hr:

A/U daily:

AUD/NZD: this 'double bottom' continues and a key S/R level is just ahead of price. The 1.075 has been a significant S/R zone for this pair:

A/N 4hr:

A/N daily:

E/U: struggling with this latest drift to 'risk off' following renewed Ukraine concern:

E/J: ditto here:

Cable: chopping higher and close to a trading channel break BUT no new TS signal so, I'm wary! A trend line break may evolve here though and so needs watching:

Kiwi: like the Cable, chopping higher but no TS signal. Watch the major monthly chart triangle beear trend line that is just above current price: 

U/J: suffering with stocks lower and Ukraine jitters: 

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