Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Trading Week 24/02/14 (3)

Wednesday 26th Feb (4.30 pm) 
A/U: further to the earlier update on the Aussie. The daily Ichimoku chart gave some warning here!

The 4hr charts isn't much better!

Wednesday 26th Feb (1 pm) 
Not much happening. No new TS signals.

Aussie: there has been a bit of chatter about the A/U this morning and its latest slide. I'm not seeing any trend momentum signals to short here though on either the 4hr, 1 hr, 30 min, 15 min or 5 min charts! I am seeing this a bit triangle bound again:

A/U 4 hr:

A/U daily:

I do note that the S&P500 is trading a bit higher in pre-market and, if this continues at all, it may help to stem the fall of the Aussie.

Wednesday 26th Feb (7 am) Still waiting on the S&P500!
Indices: These continue to chop sideways:

S&P500: This index is yet to close and it is still negotiating the major 'triple top'. I still believe that we won't see any significant trends start anywhere until this situation is resolved and there is a clear 'make or break' of the triple top barrier. Friday is the last day of the trading month and it might be saving its final 'dance' move until then. Then, of course, there is Monday being both the first day of the trading month (with all of its trading statistics) AND the first trading day after the release of major Chinese PMI data so, we shall have to wait and see! 

Silver and Gold: are the only possible winner out of this indecision as they both drift higher:

FX pairs: most continue to chop sideways and there are no clear TS signals anywhere:

Cable: did not manage to close above the monthly 200 EMA: 

E/U: choppy:

A/U: choppy under the 0.905: 

A/J: choppy under the trend line: 

Kiwi: ditto:

U/J: choppy under the monthly 200 EMA. ADX ticking up but no TS signal: 

GBP/AUD: daily still looks H&S like:

AUD/NZD: daily still looks inverse H&S like: 

So, with all this excitement....I'm heading to the beach for a walk/swim! 

I'm still trading Options through this chop-fest though. I've sold March Puts on SLW, WEN, YHOO and MSFT. LOW got away from me overnight but I'll keep my eye on it. 

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