Thursday, February 20, 2014

Trading Week 17/02/14 (4)

Thurs 20th Feb (5.25 pm) Back in Sydney!
A/U and A/J trigger new TS signals: Chinese manufacturing data was weaker than expected and, hence, the pressure on the AUD today. 
A/U: Personally, I'd still prefer to see a close below the 0.89 first:

Thurs 20th Feb (4 pm) Back in Sydney!
Indices: EURX daily:  still stuck in the Cloud and, hence, the choppy action!

USDX 4 hr: choppy:
 EURX 4 hr: ditto

S&P500: shaping up to respect the triple top?

TS signal:
 E/U: closed off:
New TS signal
Kiwi: hmmm another new TS signal off my 9 am candle:

EUR/AUD: looking more and more interesting! A close above the monthly 200 EMA would be rather bullish!

E/J: down but still rather choppy:

A/U: a new TS signal trying to form here. Need to see the 5 pm candle first:

BUT...I'd wait to short after any close and hold below the 0.89. This level may offer some support in the short term but a breach might offer bearish potential:

A/J: ditto:

Cable: choppy still near the monthly 200 EMA:

U/J: down but no TS signal looming yet:

It seems that there is some re-positioning trying to happen.

Thurs 20th Feb (6.45 am) 
Indices: Thinking FX is a bit choppy this week? Check out the EURX Ichimoku chart then and that will give you some clues as to why. Well, not so much the 'why' but more of ''s not just me or my trading system'. The EURX is stuck in the daily Ichimoku Cloud and these periods are generally marked by choppy trading conditions. This is also the case for the when the USDX is similarly afflicted:

USDX: this is trying to get back up over the broken trend line and the weekly 200 EMA but struggling:

EURX: holding out from the triangle break:

S&P500: stocks are still undecided as they navigate this tricky area: 

Gold and Silver: these 4 hr charts do look a bit bullish as both seem to printing 'Bull Flag' type patterns. A weakening USD would help to develop these patterns and Silver and Gold do look hopeful on that front:

TS signals:
E/U: this signal may end up closing off at the 9 am close.

Kiwi: this signal closed off at -30 but note how the trade would be positive now! 

Others: most are chopping sideways:

E/J: still chopping around at the 61.8% fib level:

Cable: the monthly 200 EMA remains a magnet:

U/J: the monthly 200 EMA is key here too: 

EUR/AUD: ditto:

AUD/NZD daily: inverse H&S still possibly brewing here: 

GBP/AUD: H&S still brewing here too:

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