Tuesday, November 15, 2011

TradeSpotting on 30 min charts last night.

TS on 30 minute charts! (15/11/11)

Whilst there have been no clear and convincing TS signals on the 4 hr charts so far this week there were many signals on the shorter time frame 30 minute charts that could have been picked up by traders during the US / late London session last night. These examples and charts are shown below.

My simplified 30 minute template shows the Tokyo trading channel. This is a pair of blue rectangular boxes. The box on the left depicts the Asian trading session, the one on the right shows London Open and the un-shaded area represents the US session. You can see quite clearly from these charts how there were nice trending moves during the US session, especially compared to the Asian session. The Gold example is from the previous trading session.

I live in Sydney, Australia so I'm not in a position to catch these moves. Hopefully, some of you are! I also hope to be able to reveal the full TS template and system for my TradeSpotting system soon.

NB: You may need to click on the charts a few times to enlarge the view.

Examples of good trends found with TradeSpotting on 3o min charts:

E/U 100 pips
A/U 50 pips
A/J 70 pips
G/U 100 + pips

E/J 90 pips


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