Friday, November 4, 2011

E-mail updates: problems

A few people have commented to me that they have had issues with not receiving e-mail updates when new blog notes are posted. I have just discovered that this, apparently, is a common problem on this site. The best 'work around' to this problem seems to be for blog followers to join a Google group site and, then, receive posts to their e-mail, funneled through this group site.

I have set up a Google group called TradeSpotting in case followers wish to pursue this course of action. The details are listed below and also appear on the right hand side as a permanent note on the blog page. Alternatively, people can just log on whenever they wish to check in on what's happening.

TradeSpotting Current web address:

TradeSpotting Group Current email address:


  1. Thanks for this Mary. I applied for membership :)

  2. Great to hear Robert! This change seems to have solved the e-mail update problem. Looking forward to working together to improve our trading performance. This