Friday, November 25, 2011

Email updates

The e-mail update system on this free blog site doesn't seem to be working as effectively as I would like. You don't get something for nothing though!. The alerts seem to be issued some hours after my initial posting. Also, no alerts are issued when I 'update' an existing post. The only solution that I can see is for interested followers to simply 'log in', every now and then, to check for any updates. I do send out Tweets and 'Linked In' Forex group updates so, these are alternative ways to keep informed as well.

My general plan for posting is as follows:
  • I tend to send out Indices Reviews over the weekend referred to as 'Indices for the Week'.
  • I start a single post thread called 'Trading Week' during the trading week once there are signals or events to discuss. I update this thread/post when signals are observed after inspecting my 4 hr candle close. For me, my MT4 charts are set GMT + 2. My 4 hr charts update here in Sydney, Australia at 5pm, 9pm, 1am, 5am, 9am, 1pm.
  • Other posts are put up if and when there is a need or trading point of interest.
Please remember though that this TS blog is simply an account of my FX trading journey and I am not issuing any trading suggestions or advice. I am still developing the most effective risk and trade management techniques that are suitable to my preferred trading style. This is AS critical as any 'signal service' or trade entry identity system.

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