Monday, January 28, 2013

Trade Week Analysis 28/01/13

Open TS signals currently have given 790 pips and they're still going.

NB: Only a brief analysis for this week as I have been away. 

The Ichimoku charts are aligned for further 'risk on' momentum to continue so I'll look for new TS signals and entry points on my favoured pairs.

E/U: I'm looking at the 1.35 level as an opportunity to enter a LONG if 'risk on' continues.

E/J: Current TS signal is up 290 pips. I'm looking at the 123 OR even the 125 level as the next major S/R level where a LONG entry might be possible if there is no other pull back:

A/U: current signal has given 100 pips and is still going. The daily bull trend line might help to stall further falls here though:

EUR/AUD: This TS signal has given up to 260 pips and is still going. The next major level to look for a possible LONG entry is at the 1.3 level. This is a major S/R level and, also, could be seen as the neckline of the weekly chart inverse Hear and Shoulder pattern:

U/J: The current TS signal has given 140 pips and is still going. I'm not chasing this LONG trade:

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