Thursday, September 8, 2011

My TradeSpotting system

My TradeSpotting system is a mechanical, trend-trading system that uses a range of indicators to generate trade entry signals. The most significant indicator in this system is the ADX. Others included are EMAs, pivots, S/R levels and a couple of others.
An example of a TradeSpotting trade is illustrated above in the screen shot of the GBP/AUD.

This system relies on catching strong, market momentum moves. Mechanical systems offer an advantage in that they take out much of the anxiety and/or guess work about whether to place a trade or not.

A TS trade is placed when all the indicators align together at their optimum levels. My TradeSpotting system is, thus, very visual and takes only moments to assess on any trading instrument (Forex, Stocks ETFs Futures etc) and, on any time frame.

I will endeavour to post trades on this blog.

I am currently seeking Intellectual Property advice as to how I can safeguard my system from being hijacked by others. I have been advised that sharing my system with the public before establishing any IP will void any future opportunity for this protection. Please be patient with me as I investigate this further.

Please feel free to ask questions.

I will post an analysis of the FX indices, USDX and EURX, at some stage over each weekend. This helps to determine or understand the possible overall trend for the coming week. I will then post an analysis of any trade set ups, as they appear, with each 4 hr candle close.


  1. Hi crazyquant. Sorry for the delayed response. I only just saw this post today, 6/11/11. This a free blog site so, it has some limitations. One being that I am not alerted when there is a comment. I will be sharing my system when I finalise sorting out Intellectual Property protection matters. I will announce this via a posting on the blog when this is all sorted.